Journal Publications & Conference Proceedings

Updated in December 2021- for an up-to-date list of publications, please see my Google Scholar profile

1.  Rania Labib: Early investigation of the application of Machine Learning for Daylighting design. Submitted to the 2021 IBPSA International conference, September 2020, Burges, Belgium.

2.  Rania Labib, Mark Clayton:  Automated Computer Vision Recognition Based Method to Determine Glare Causing Patches on Reflective Façades. Submitted to the 2020 PLEA Conference, September 2020, Courna, Spain

3.  Rania Labib:  The Negative Impact of Solar Reflections in Dense Urban areas: Literature Review and the Case Study of the Nasher Museum in Dallas, Texas. Preparing for submission to the Energy and Buildings journal

4.      Rania Labib: Using Python to Automate Both Complex Geometry Manipulation Tasks and Model Animation Paired with Daylight Simulations. The 2020 World Sustainable Built Environment conference (WSB), Gothenburg, Sweden. (upcoming conference presentation)

5.  Rania Labib, Juan Carlos Baltazar:  Using Python to Automate the Preparation and Execution of Thousands of Daylighting and Glare Simulations on a Cloud Parallel Computing environment for Time-efficient Processing. The 2019 IBPSA International Conference, September 2019, Rome, Italy.

6.  Sahar Abdelwahab, Mariam Elhussinay, Rania Labib:  The Negative Impact of Solar Reflections Caused by Reflective Buildings’ Facades in Urban Settings: Simulation-Based Case Study of the Nasher Museum in Texas, the 2019 Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) International Conference, May 2019, Helsinki, Finland.

7.      Rania Labib: Is computer programming beneficial to architects and architecture students for complex modeling and informed performative design decisions? 12th Advanced Building Skins, Bern, Switzerland; 10/2017

8.      Rania Labib, Juan Carlos Baltazar: Analysis and quantification of visual glare caused by photovoltaic panels installations in urban canyons. 11th conference on Advanced Building Skins, Bern, Switzerland; 10/2016

9.      Rania Labib, Trade-off method to assess the interaction between light shelves and complex ceiling forms for optimized daylighting performance. Advances in Building Energy Research 03/2015; 9(2). DOI:10.1080/17512549.2015.1014838

10.    Mohammed Mayhoub, Rania Labib: Towards A Solution for the Inevitable Use of Glazed Facades in the Arid Regions via a Parametric Design Approach. The 29th CIE, Manchester, UK; 06/2015

11.    Rania Labib, Liliana Beltran: Optimized Street Design to Balance Outdoor Thermal Comfort and Indoor Daylighting Performance Within Large Scale Urban Settings in Hot Arid Climates. 31st International PLEA; 09/2015

12.    Rania Labib: Trade-off Method to Assess the Interaction Between Light Shelves and Complex Ceiling Forms for Optimized Daylighting Performance. 9th Energy Forum Advanced Building Skins, Bressenone, Italy; 10/2014 (chosen among top 10 papers to get published in the Advances in Building Energy Research Journal)

13.    Rania Labib: Improving daylighting in existing classrooms using laser cut panels. Lighting Research and Technology 10/2013; 45(5). DOI:10.1177/1477153512471366

14.    Rania Labib, Juan-Carlos Baltazar: What if Buildings’ Facades Could Talk to Each Other? Façade Internet of Things (F-IoT), 14th Annual CATEE 2017, Nov 2017.  3rd place winner poster.

Research Grants

September 2020

Graduate RISE grant funded by Prairie View A&M University.

Title: Cloud-enabled Building Performance Simulations. $10,000


September 2020

Undergraduate RISE grant funded by Prairie View A&M University.

Title: Machine learning for Daylighting Simulations. $5,000


November 2020

PRISE grant funded by Texas A&M and Prairie View A&M Universities.

Title: Machine Learning Framework to Predict Outdoors Thermal Comfort . $30,000

PI: Mark Clayton, PhD, Co-PI: Rania Labib, PhD, Co-PI: Robert Brown, PhD.


Oct 2020

Department of Education, Title III grant.

Title: Building Assembly, Environmental and Artificial Intelligence Research through STEM-based Research and Education (BAE-AIR). $132,000

 Sep 2016

National Science Foundation (NFS) Graduate Fellowship; Honor mention

(Please note: Honor mention recipients don’t obtain funds)

Sep 2014

Fellowship: Selected to receive the merit based McKnight Fellowship from Florida Educational Funds (declined award to attend Texas A&M). $130,000

15K a year for 5 years and full tuition at any University in Florida.